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Product Spec Sheets

CMT-1603 Piezo Ceramic Audio Transducer [pdf]

ezLCD-001 Graphical LCD [pdf]

ezLCD-001 Manual [pdf]

ezLCD-001 Mechanical Layout [pdf]

Fairchild Semiconductor TIP122 NPN Epitaxial Darlington Transistor [pdf]

Grayhill Series 62S Optical Encoder [pdf]

ICT A6 Bill Accepter [pdf]

Keystone Coin Battery 23mm Battery Holder [pdf]

Linear Technologies 3.3V and 5V DC to DC Converter [pdf]

Maxim DS18S20 1-Wire Temperature Probe [pdf]

Maxim Low-Voltage Level Translator (3.3V to 5V) [pdf]

MGN High Power Relay [pdf]

Molex 2-pin Wire to Wire Receptacle [pdf]

Molex 2-pin Wire to Board Header [pdf]

Molex 6-pin Wire to Wire Receptacle [pdf]

Molex 6-pin Wire to Board Header [pdf]

Omron B34 Surface Mount Tactile Switch [pdf]

Panasonic 3V 165mA Lithium Battery [pdf]

Phoenix Contact 2 Terminal Block [pdf]

Rabbit RCM3315 Microcontroller Module [pdf]

Sony ACX705AKM Color LCD Module [pdf]

Texas Instruments MAX3232C RS-232 Level Translator [pdf]

Texas Instruments S2000 Micro Reader [pdf]

Texas Instruments S2000 Reader System [pdf]

Toshiba TLP504A-2 GaA IRED & Photo-Transistor [pdf]

Vision 2000 Flow Meter [pdf]

XP Power 12V 100W External Power Supply [pdf]

SPC Technology DP9 Connector [pdf]


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